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Dentures And Overdentures

Dentures are fake, or artificial sets of gum and teeth that are tailor made according to your mouth’s specification to compensate for lost natural teeth. People can choose between a full and a partial denture, which means that dentures are made to cover up every single teeth or just a couple missing teeth.

Why do you need them?

Dentures are not only used to address cosmetic issues when it comes to missing teeth, but they also maintain the structure and the form of the mouth by supporting cheeks and lips. Without dentures, your cheeks would indent inwards causing your face to look wrinklier.

Dentures also help with eating as they make it easier for people with compromised teeth to chew, in essence, you don’t have to change your diet and switch to softer foods.

Dentures are also viable when it comes to oral issues and extreme pain. People with teeth that are extremely damaged, or teeth with damaged roots that are beyond the point of restoring, can opt for dentures to eliminate irksome teeth with functional one.

Varieties of Dentures

Partial Dentures

Partial Dentures are a type of dentures that are most often used when other tooth replacement methods aren’t viable due to weak teeth that won’t be able to support a dental bridge. They aren’t permanently fastened to the mouth and they can be removed without a single hassle.

Full dentures

Full Dentures, or complete dentures, are a type of dentures that replace every single natural teeth. Like partial dentures, they’re not permanently attached as they’re held in place through an oral adhesive or through the force of suction.


Overdentures are typically used when tradition dentures are too cumbersome and uncomfortable for the patient’s liking. Overdentures are attached to the roots of the teeth and they’re held in place by the root, or on dental implants.