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Non Surgical Hair Replacement Services

Cover up your bald spots with hair patches that look just like real hair. Cut 15 years off your age without the need of surgery, pain, scarring and other complications with Athena.

We employ the use of a state-of-the-art technology called Strand-By-Strand technology that allows you to have a full head of hair all over again, regardless of the appearance and your stage of hair loss.

Athena’s non surgical hair replacement procedure looks natural in any and every light, no matter the angle you’re looking from. Athena enables you to savour any hairstyle you want, all while maintaining an indiscernible hairline.

Benefits of choosing Strand-By-Strand Technology

Strand-By-Strand procedure of hair replacement boosts your morale, once you’re done with it. The reason for this boost in morale is due to the fact that your natural-looking hair is practically undetectable and unnoticeable.

The age and the stage of hair loss hardly matter for the patient as this type of hair replacement was developed by highly competent hair experts and doctors to address the issue of non-invasive therapy that actually works. A patient can have a superior hair type and greater density than their previous hair, post this treatment.

How does non-surgical hair replacement work?

In non-surgical hair grafting, hair additions are attached, or ‘grafted’ onto bare scalp using a gentle medical grade adhesive that keeps the hair strand in place securely.

Due to the manner in which this procedure is conducted, the hair strand is directly attached to the scalp instead of attaching it to the hair follicle, making it unable to not grow.