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Teeth Scaling

Teeth Scaling is a procedure that removes plaque and tartar from the upper and lower sections of the gumline. Scaling is a regular procedure done on patients with gum disease.

This method of cleaning surpasses the standard way of cleaning that you might get when you show up for an annual check up as the process of scaling and root planing goes underneath the gum to access plaque build-up, which is why it is also known as Deep Cleaning.

Why do you need it?

Plaque buildup is a common phenomenon that is experienced in varying intensities by every person on this planet. Plaque is essentially a buildup of a thin layer in which saliva, bacteria and proteins cover the surface of your teeth and when tiny particles of food, acids and sugar stick to it, it forms a layer over a period of time.

The bacteria that lives on the surface of your teeth is responsible for a myriad of problems, including tooth decay and gum diseases. However, regular brushing, flossing and dental checkups will keep this buildup to a bare minimum.

If the person has healthy gums, the tissue tightly fits around the tooth sealing it shut. However, gum diseases can cause this seal to loosen and deeper pockets will develop. The pockets can fill up with plaque overtime, causing some serious problems.

Healthy gums attach to the tooth at a depth of about 1mm to 3mm but if you have a pocket that is 4mm or deeper, you should get your teeth looked at with haste.

How long does it take?

This treatment typically takes half an hour to an hour to complete and at Athena, you won’t even feel it. With the aid of the best dentists that you’ll come across and even better dental chairs, all you’ve to do is lie down and we’ll take care of the rest.