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Teeth Whitening And Bleaching

Teeth whitening is a process that revives the natural colour of the teeth by eliminating stains from the surface of the teeth. Teeth bleaching, as a procedure, is gaining huge popularity as it’s quite an effective form of cosmetic procedure that required no invasion.

Equipped with cutting edge dental technology, Athena has developed a sophisticated procedure of whitening in a hassle-free mechanism that delivers reliable and enduring results every time.

Why do you need it?

The outer portion of our two layers, enamel and dentin. Both of those layers can discolour and corrode due to a variety of reasons, which looks extremely appalling. There are a bunch of reasons as to why this can happen:

  • Consumption of coffee, tea, wine and soft drinks
  • Consumption of tobacco
  • Trauma or accident related damage to the teeth
  • Aging – enamel, the outermost layer of our teeth gets thinner as we age.

The process of teeth whitening can restore years of staining due to the above mentioned factors however, the person has to be mindful of the fact that results vary from person to person.

Are there any risks associated with it?

Teeth whitening and bleaching is documented to have zero risks and we have brilliant hygienists who have honed their skills on upkeeping your teeth. However, it is known to have caused mild sensitivity in some patients with light gum irritation, that subsides after a couple of weeks.